about us

Our Mission

Provide a global ground station network for seamless satellite communication.

Our Values

We strive to provide a streamlined customer experience with top quality services.

Our Team

The Paramium team includes expertise in Business, Technology, Aerospace, Defense, Optical Science, Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Astronomy and Project management. 

Paramium Technologies is a startup created to meet a need in the radio communications industry for fast, flexible, and accurate fabrication of freeform curved metal panels. We leverage multiple technologies developed at the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory, Wyant College of Optical Sciences, the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering department, and the Systems and Industrial Engineering department. Paramium utilizes the resources provided by the University of Arizona Center for Innovation, a business incubator and innovation center. The team includes expertise in Mechatronics Engineering, Optical Engineering, Astronomy, Thermal Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. Our powerful team, deep support, and agile technology create strong solutions for curved metal fabrication applications.

The Process

Meet Paramium

Who We Are:

Paramium Technologies is a startup building a global ground station network to provide streamlined satellite communication solutions including Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS). Paramium is agile and forward looking. We developed patented technology to enable low-cost V-band and W-band ground stations.

What We Do:

Paramium is building a global ground station network of modern broadband antennas. We will provide this network as a service to companies of all sizes who need instant and continuous satellite communication. Our streamlined scheduler app eliminates the need for large IT organizations, or third party providers. We connect you directly to your data.

How We Do It:

Leveraging the expertise of the industry’s best players, and our groundbreaking technology, Paramium provides a user-friendly web application. Users of all kinds can download satellite data as easy scheduling and executing a virtual meeting on their computer.