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Faster time to market with flexible manufacturing system producing custom shaped radio reflectors

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Who We Are

Paramium Technologies is a startup created to meet a need in the radio communications industry for fast, flexible, and accurate fabrication of freeform curved metal panels. We leverage multiple technologies developed at the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory, Wyant College of Optical Sciences, the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering department, and the Systems and Industrial Engineering department. Paramium utilizes the resources provided by the University of Arizona Center for Innovation, a business incubator and innovation center. The team includes expertise in Mechatronics Engineering, Optical Engineering, Astronomy, Thermal Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. Our powerful team, deep support, and agile technology create strong solutions for curved metal fabrication applications.

The Technology

Our patent pending electromagnetic thermoforming technology is a highly energy efficient adaptable method of shaping precision metal panels creating a hybrid effect of localized induction heating (Joule effect) and electromagnetic force (Lorentz effect) to heat and press the panel at the same time along the non-contact “tool” path controlled by a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine as depicted.

The Process

Our team invented and developed two complementary technologies that come together in rapid and agile system for forming complex, compound curved metal sheets. The adjustable mold adapts to the desired shape without machining or hardware changes. The induction tool dynamically heats and presses the workpiece to conform it to the adjustable mold.

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